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Maintenance Requests

For non-emergency work orders

Maintenance FAQ & Useful Information for Tenants

All maintenance/repair requests must be submitted in writing. You can submit a maintenance request online by completing the form to the right, or you may also submit the request by sending an email to repairs@gdaapm.com.

For maintenance emergencies, please call our office at (512) 439-3602. Our voice mail system will give you instructions for reporting the emergency.

You will be billed for a service call under the following circumstances:

  • You scheduled a service call appointment and failed to be present at the scheduled time.
  • You requested service for a non-existent problem. This includes re-setting a breaker or Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) to restore electrical power and re-setting a breaker on a garbage disposal.
  • The problem was caused by improper use of the provided facilities. The classic case is the child who flushes a toy or other item, and which results in a clogged sewer line.
  • Washing machine hoses. Should a washing machine hose break on a washing machine provided by you, you will be responsible for the cost of returning the property to good condition. Washing machine hoses are not designed for constant pressure. Water to the washing machine should be turned off at the wall between uses.

Self-Help Information

Some of the most common issues submitted can be easily addressed. Please click to expand each section below.

AC/Heat Not Working +

Dirty air filters are the leading cause of a/c or heat issues- restriction of air flow puts increase strain on these systems, which in turn increases your utility bills. Make sure you change your air filters every 30 days on most systems or as needed by your properties particular set up. Even window a/c units have filters that need removed and cleaned regularly.

If you’re a/c unit is blowing, but not cooling, first, check your thermostat settings and then check to see if the outside condenser unit is running or not. The outside condenser unit must be running in order to provide cool air, but many times a simple power surge can cause the breaker to trip on these units. If the unit is not running, locate your breaker panel and see if breakers are marked. If not, then simply turn each breaker to the off position, and then back to the on position one at a time. Check to see if the outside condenser unit starts running. Some properties have a disconnect breaker located outside next to the condenser unit as well. Check that to make sure it has not tripped.

Heating is similar, but you could have gas or electric heat. If your property has gas service – you probably have gas furnace for heating. Older units still have a gas pilot operation with instruction on how to re-light right on the unit panel. This is not too difficult and very similar to re-lighting a gas water heater. If your unit is electric heat. Check thermostat settings, and then check to see if any breakers have tripped before placing a maintenance request.

Garage Door Opener +

If you are having issues with garage door not wanting to close all the way- check to see if you have the safety-eye sensors at the bottom of each rail. These sometimes get dirty, blocked by leaves or knocked out of alignment. Once the sensors are readjusted – the opener should function properly.

Should that not take care of it – most garage door openers can be disengaged and door operated manually until contractor can visit and check out. On the garage door opener railing, there is a carriage and usually has a rope attached to it, simply pull down on the rope in order to disengage the garage door opener carriage from the rail in order to put the garage door into manual operation.

Drains Backing Up +

If you are experiencing slow drainage or drains backing up, always try to use plunger on particular drain first in order to free up any local blockage in the drain line. Should you have a major drain line blockage affecting entire property – discontinue use of dishwasher and laundry/washer since these send a lot of water down a drain at once – then submit maintenance request to our office.

Hot Water Heater Not Working +

There are 2 types of water heaters, electric and gas operated. Electric water heaters are on a dedicated circuit, meaning there is a circuit breaker designated specifically for the water heater- check to make sure this breaker has not tripped for some reason.

Gas water heaters have a pilot light function and instructions for these are located right on the water heater. Follow the instructions in order to re-light the pilot for water heater.

If you notice a water heater leaking in any way- turn off the water supply valve located on top of the water heater – you can test by turning on a hot water faucet at sink or tub to make sure water flow stops. Then submit a maintenance request to our office.

Disposal Not Working +

Garbage disposals can at times hang themselves up and quit working. This is usually caused from lack of use and is very simple to fix. If you turn on your disposal switch – then hear a humming sound – turn off the switch – the motor is hung up. Disposals come with an allen-wrench tool that fits in a hole in the center of the underside of disposal. This will allow the motor to be turned and un-hung. If the allen-wrench tool is not under the sink, you can obtain one at most hardware stores. Another option is to use something sturdy enough down the top of disposal in order to get the motor to turn, not just the disposal grinding blades. Once the motor is free and turning, you can again turn on the power switch to see if disposal will run again.

If the disposal is not responding at all to the power switch, then it has tripped the internal motor reset, which is also located on the bottom side of disposal. Simply press the switch in to reset and try power switch again.

Smoke Detectors +

There are several different types of smoke detectors and most are powered by a 9 volt battery power source or back-up. You should change these batteries out twice a year, and the easiest way to remember to do so is when clocks are changed for Daylight Savings Time.

If your smoke detector chirps occasionally by itself – then most likely the battery needs to be replaced.

Partial Power Loss to Property +

Most instances of power loss are due to tripped circuit breakers. Make sure you are aware of where your properties breaker panel is located in case of such occurrence. Some properties can have multiple breaker panels as well. These are located in many different locations such as garages, closets, and even outside the property near the electric meter. Sometimes breakers do not appear tripped, and the only way to reset a circuit is to make sure the breaker is turned completely to the "OFF" position – then back on, otherwise the circuit will not reset.

Another possible issue is with a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) circuit. These are normally used for bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor outlets and garages. One of the outlets in this circuit has the "Test/Reset" buttons right on the outlet and can affect multiple locations at a property. If you have outlets in a bathroom that quit working- look for this GFCI outlet somewhere- possibly even on one of the garage outlets or another bathroom etc… Some circuit breakers even have this GFCI feature right on the actual breaker as well.

Bugs, Pests or Rodents +

Pest Control is Tenant responsibility per your lease. We recommend every tenant have a pest control product such as Ortho Home Defense on hand for such issues, or you can contact our office for an Exterminator referral.

Water Leak +

Should you notice water leaks appearing anywhere inside the property, first try to locate the source of the leak and if possible turn off the water supply valve. These are located under sink cabinets, next to toilets on the wall, and on top of water heaters. Should a constant leak continue and you are unable to locate source – but believe it is a water supply line leaking, then contact your water provider to see about having the water meter shut off until a plumbing contractor can visit.

Submit A Request

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get help for a maintenance problem?+

For faster service, please submit your maintenance request (Submit Online). Please utilize the maintenance FAQs (Maintenance FAQs) and troubleshooting guide before submitting your maintenance request.

Can I do any work/make any improvements or paint the property?+

The terms of your lease will stipulate what you can and cannot do, but the answer is typically no. If you have any questions about a specific necessary improvement or repair, please give us a call to discuss it, and we will accommodate you as soon as possible. There are certain exceptions, such as in the case of disability-related improvements as discussed in the Fair Housing Act.

What do I do in an emergency?+

If this is an after-hours emergency, please call our 24 hour emergency at 512-439-3602, and your call will be directed to our after-hours emergency maintenance team. (Examples of emergencies are active water flooding, fire, or anything you believe to be dangerous to your health that can’t wait until the next business day.)

**For FIRE, GAS or Natural Disasters, call 911 First!

Can I make repairs and deduct them from my rent?+

No, you should not make your own repairs and you should never deduct any amount from your rent, ever. Some minor repairs/troubleshooting should be done by the tenant, such as flipping a breaker or unclogging a toilet. But for the most part, tenants should not take the risk or liability in attempting their own repairs. For a list of repairs and troubleshooting that are approved, please visit our Maintenance FAQs. Since most repairs do require a professional who is licensed, bonded, and insured, please use our on-line maintenance request form to submit your maintenance needs.

How do I get my full Security Deposit back?+

In general, the property must be returned in a professionally cleaned manner less normal wear and tear; plus all maintenance requirements deemed tenant responsibility must be completed. Therefore, a number of things need to take place. All drapes, blinds, and window coverings must be cleaned. The unit must also have been cleaned inside and outside. All personal items and garbage must be removed from the property. All the windows inside/out, screens, and tracks must be cleaned. GDAA Property Management, LLC. does have an approved vendor list for all your cleaning needs. Please call the office at 512-439-3600 for a list. Smoke detector batteries must be changed. New furnace filters need to be installed. If you have repainted the interior walls/ceilings an unauthorized color, or you have caused damage to the walls with large or excessive nails and tacks you must paint the walls/ceiling to its original color/condition. If you vacate during the lawn mowing months, the grass must be trimmed within three days of vacating (during the dormant period of the year the yards must appear to have been trimmed and mowed at the end of the last growing season). Flower beds must be free of weeds. Trees and shrubs must be neatly trimmed. Please check your lease, addendums and Move-Out Requirements Checklist for further information and clarifications.

Can I move out before the 45 days are up?+

Yes. You are responsible for the rent, maintenance of the lawn and utilities for the entire 45 days unless a tenant moves into the unit prior to that time. If this occurs, the remainder of rent will be refunded to you.

How long should I wait to hear back from someone regarding a maintenance problem?+

If you submit an on-line maintenance request, you will hear back from us within one business day. If the request comes via fax, please allow up to two business days. Phone requests are discouraged, as we generally get incomplete information which delays the processing of your request. If you have not heard from our office or our vendor in three days, please contact info@gdaapm.com or 512-439-3600.

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