How We Handle Pets/ESAs

When screening potential tenants many landlords and property managers forget or don’t realize the importance of screening the applicant’s pet.


Some pets can be great and are treated just like a member of the family. A few pets can be vicious or destructive to the property and landscaping. When do you really know if the prospective tenant’s Service or Emotional Support Animal is legit? (1000’s of web sites offers illegal certificates)


The tenant selection process must balance the compliance of fair housing requirements, the realization that far more than 70% of prospective tenants are pet owners, the legitimate individuals that have a need of an emotional or service animal and understanding that this area is rampant with fraudulent claims.


With our third party service to screen household pets, validate reasonable accommodation requests for assistance animals (Service/ESA/Companion) and confirm every resident understands our pet policies. This service follows Fair Housing Act guidelines regarding reasonable housing accommodations that meet the test of reasonableness. Each request is reviewed by a legal review team per FHAct guidelines. Additionally, each pet request is screened and rated on the likelihood or propensity to cause damage to the property.


Our office is so confident in our applicant and pet screening process we offer a $1,000 guarantee to our owners against any damage that exceeds the tenant’s security deposit, caused by the animal that we have approved.

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