We believe it is in everyone’s best interest when tenants have left the property in such a condition that they have all of their security deposit returned to them.

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    We do not have our own maintenance company and do not mark up on any repairs. This means we have no financial interest keeping all or a portion of the tenant’s security deposit.
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    When properties are left “move in ready” for the next tenant the process is fast and easy for the next tenant to move. We do not have to work with multiple vendors scheduling, following up, and then just a whole lot of accounting.
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    Property Managers and Landlords have 30 days to provide a full accounting of the tenant’s security deposit. When the property is left in “move-in ready condition” our office can refund security deposits weeks earlier.

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How To Get Your Deposit Back

  1. Review your lease. Most GDAA Property Management leases state tenants must provide 45 days’ notice to vacate.
  2. Once you know where you are moving, provide a forwarding address to our office.
  3. Once all possessions are removed from the property, you must turn in keys to our office.
  4. Highly recommend you use one of our preferred vendors when doing a final house clean and carpet cleaning. If our vendors don’t clean properly we send them back to complete the job. If you decide to hire your own carpet cleaner, you must provide a printed receipt. If your carpet cleaner does not do the job to our satisfaction, we will send another vendor out, deduct from your deposit and add an administration fee as our office had to coordinate.
  5. Leave utilities on for three full days after move-out. We have to conduct a final move-out survey. Failure to maintain utilities will delay the final walk thru, your refund and our office will charge a utility reconnect charge.
  6. Download the Move-out Checklist to see what tenants are accountable for when departing the property.