Eviction Protection

In the unfortunate event that a tenant needs to be evicted from your rental, will shield you from the stress and re-rent the property promptly.

We screen our tenants credit score, a national criminal background screen, proof of income, proof of employment, past rental history and more to greatly reduce the risk of an eviction, however, they can still occur. These services are included at no additional charge in our Platinum program.

  • Eviction Protection is available as an opt out service we offer for qualifying properties.
  • Under this program, our office will prepare and mail certified Notice to Vacate to tenants.
  • Prepare all legal documentation and file in the local Justice office.
  • Follow-up with local Constable to ensure all tenants are served legal notice.
  • We will prepare all the necessary documentation and appear in court on your behalf.
  • Included in our Eviction Protect program, ($8.00 per month), all cost of court, official notices, and appearance fees are included. See details of the program.

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