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The Value of Out-of-State Property Management Education

GDAA Owner Greg Doering sits with fellow NARPM member George Tombley who is visiting from Las Vegas, NV to discuss the Value of Out-of-State Property Management Education at Texas Style.

The #NARPMCentralRegionEducation offers exceptional education courses that are essential to your professional performance and advancement. NARPM offers courses taught by experienced educators who are active NARPM members and principals in their own property management companies. They also bring practical knowledge to the classroom to enhance the learning process.

I'm Greg Doering, Central Regional Vice President for #NARPM and I'm now here with George Trombley of Blackbird Realty in Las Vegas, Nevada and he's going to tell us why travelling out-of-state can be a good thing for your property management education.

As George rightly states, traveling to other states and attending conferences like the Texas Style State Conference here in #Austin, TX gives a property manager the opportunity to see how other people work through problems you've already had or haven't experienced yet. You also get a lot of good ideas on how they are well-organized and how they do things in different areas. You can also get ideas that you didn't think about and have a host of new experiences happen to you that you might never experience otherwise at home.

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