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GDAA Property Management is focused on forming alliances with active and personable real estate professionals like you. We value your partnership and respect the client relationships you share with us. We let you focus on doing what you do best, knowing that your clients property management needs will be well taken care of. Our goals is to make you look good to your client.

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Agent Referral Program

GDAA Property Management has grown to one of the largest property management companies in the central Texas area because we only focus on property management and not sales. We realize to be successful in our business, we must provide exceptional and affordable services to our owner and investor clients as well as the real estate sales professionals.

Services We Offer Our Real Estate Partners

Full Service leasing and management. You refer a client, and we lease and manage the property.

Management only service. You lease the property and once a tenant is secured, we manage the property.

Do you manage your own property? Do you have a client that manages their own, but needs reliable tenant screening? We provide a Tenant screening and application processing service. You use our Tenant Criteria or provide a copy of your owner’s criteria. We complete a thorough background, criminal, credit, eviction, check on applicants. We will notify you if the applicant meets the tenant criteria. If they do meet the criteria, you will proceed with the lease agreement, and if they do not meet the criteria, we will send a letter denying approval.

We pay referral fees.

We are never your competitors- Your referrals ALWAYS come back to you at the time of sale.

We buy management accounts. Tired of property management? We can make the transition easy. Call Greg at 512-439-3600 for a confidential meeting.

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GDAA will process applications for real estate professionals and their landlord clients. If GDAA Property Management is not leasing or managing the property, you may still have your applications processed through our office.

To insure the application process runs smoothly for you and your applicants, please review the following requirements GDAA has for processing applications:

  • Prior to our office processing your applications, we request you provide information including property address and specifics regarding the owner’s pet policy.
  • All applications will be processed based on our companies leasing criteria, unless landlord has specific criteria provided to our office by the listing agent.
  • Your clients may submit applications either electronically or paper. We highly recommend you direct your clients to complete their application through our electronic application portal thereby decreasing the processing time and reducing their costs.
  • The cost to process an application is $60.00 for each submitted application. Funds will be collect via the application portal online.
  • Our office will notify you once we have received an application for your property.
  • Applications are processed Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Completed applications may take one to two business days to process completely.
  • Once an application has been submitted on-line, our office cannot refund any application fees.
  • GDAA cannot provide a copy of the credit report or any criminal records to you – it is against the law.
  • Upon receipt of the completed background GDAA, will notify you if the applicants meet the leasing criteria.
  • GDAA will provide the summary report for your discussion with the landlord. GDAA is not authorized to discuss the report with landlords, co-op agents, or applicants.
  • Applicants declined by your landlord will be notified by an “Adverse Action” letter as an additional service to you.

To receive the application instructions and checklist that may be attached to your MLS listing please email our office with the property address.

To assist you with your listing, once our office receives an email from you advising of the property address you wish to have us run background checks on we will send you a check list that you can attach to your MLS listing for leasing agents to follow when submitting applications.


For GDAA Property Managed properties a $125 administrative fee will be required with the deposit.

To expedite and help avoid any mistakes GDAA Property Management, LLC has created this list of items that are needed in order to process your client's application(s) in an efficient and timely manner.


Before initiating the application process with your client, we encourage you to call the GDAA Property Management team at (512) 439-3600 to ensure the property is still available and ask any questions you may have.


GDAA Property Management processes applications on a “First Qualified basis” Best Qualified" basis. What this means is we will process all completed applications in the order they are submitted on an individual property. Once all applications have been processed, our office will discuss each application with the owner and allow the owner to make the determination on which application they feel is the best qualified.


GDAA Property Management strongly encourages all applicants to view the property in person prior to submitting applications to ensure they are aware of the condition of the property, and that the property meets their needs.


All properties are leased "as-is" unless otherwise agreed to in writing. If your client would like to request the Landlord consider any repairs or upgrades to the property, these must be submitted to our office in writing. GDAA Property Management will notify the applicant in writing of approval or denial of their requests.


An application and application fee of $60.00 per individual 18 years of age or older is required, regardless of familial status. For GDAA Property Managed properties a $125 administrative fee will be required with the deposit.

Application fees are to be made payable to GDAA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. Funds may be submitted online through our website. We will not accept personal checks or payments over the phone. **If the applicants employer subscribes to a 3rd party verification company for employment verification, additional fees will apply.**

GDAA Property Management includes in all lease agreements a Tenant Benefit Package. GDAA Property Management includes in all lease agreements a Tenant Benefit Package. Tenants must choose one. Select Tenant Benefit Package link for what this includes and how it will benefit your client. This is in reference to Renters insurance and positive credit reporting.


Each occupant 18 years of age or older must submit the following documents:

  • GDAA Leasing Criteria Form - must be signed and dated.
  • Residential Lease Application - all fields must be completed. If completing paper application, you must ensure the application is legible. If our team cannot read the applicants writing, we will send the application back to you for your client to resubmit. Please ensure your client has provided 2 full years verifiable residential history and 2 full years verifiable employment history.
  • Authorization to Release Information Related to a Residential Lease Applicant - must be signed and dated with GDAA Property Management's information included. (This form is page 4 of the TAR Residential Lease Application.)
  • Information About Brokerage Services Form - must be signed and dated.
  • Valid photo ID.
  • Photos and information of any pets (age, weight, breed, etc.)


All applications must be submitted on line. $60 application fee is submitted at this time. Here is the link for your client to apply.


Once all items are received, processing will begin. It can take up to 72 hours to gather all information to be shared with the landlord, who makes all final decisions on approval or denial of an application.


Within 24 hours of the application being approved, GDAA Property Management will send all required documents to the applicants via DocuSign for signatures. The applicant(s) will have 48 hours from the time all documents are sent out to sign the lease and submit deposits. Security deposits are to be made payable to GDAA Property Management, and must be paid by submitting certified funds or by paying online through our website. If the lease is not signed and/or funds are not received within the allotted 48 hours, GDAA Property Management will consider your clients application withdrawn. Once an applicant has signed the lease and submitted the security deposit, the applicant understands that the contract is binding and all funds submitted are non-refundable should he/she decide against leasing the property.


Your commission invoice and Brokers W-9 must be submitted to our office in order to process your commission check. You can email the required documents to or you can fax the documents to (512) 579-4220. Our office policy is to pay you as fast as possible. Once we have received your invoice and brokers W-9 we will place in the mail a check to your broker the first Thursday after your tenants take possession of the property.

How to get paid/When you get paid +

Our office will notify you by phone and email of approval or denial of your clients application within 24 hours of owners decision.

If your client's application is approved, we will send the lease and additional addendum out via DocuSign for signatures. Your clients will have 48 hours to submit their signed lease and deposits. Once the lease and deposits have been received, our office will execute the lease agreement. If you require a copy for your files, please let us know, and we will be happy to provide you a copy.

We want to pay you fast! We need your invoice and broker W-9. Your check will be sent the first Thursday after your tenants take possession.


We buy management accounts. Tired of property management? We can make the transition easy. Call Greg at 512-439-3600 for a confidential meeting.

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